Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft),

founded by royal decree in 1842, is the oldest institution dedicated to education in engineering and the technical sciences in the Netherlands. The Electronics Research Laboratory is a circuit design group, which includes RF/mm-wave design expertise, characterization and optimization in advanced silicon technologies. The QuTech is the advanced research centre for Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet at the TU Delft, equipped with instrumentation dedicated to the characterization of analog and mixed-signal devices and operating both at room and cryogenic temperatures. Among the various instrumentation and test benches that will be employed in Superquant are:  4-K wet dipsticks, a 1.8-K Lakeshore CPX probe station, a 4-K Janis probe station, and a Bluefors XLD dilution refrigerator, VNA.

TU Delft will work on developing accurate calibration devices for reflection and absolute power measurement in a cryogenic probe-based environment.

Prof. Marco Spirito
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