Český Metrologický Institut (CMI)

The Czech Metrology Institute (CMI), a national metrology institute of the Czech Republic, is responsible for maintaining and developing National Standards of the Czech Republic and for ensuring their international traceability, as well as for introducing SI units into practice. The CMI offers cooperation and metrological services at the highest technical level for all manufacturers, suppliers, laboratories and customers in all areas of the science and industry. Due to the high degree of coverage in terms of fields of measurement, the Institute is capable of supporting user operations in many fields. The Institute operates in an extremely flexible manner and the needs of industry are reflected by its own research and development and the implementation of new methods and equipment. The work in this project will be carried out at the Department of primary metrology of RF electrical quantities that offers a wide range of calibration services for RF power, S-parameters, antenna measurements, field strength ane electromagnetic compatibility.

CMI will bring expertise on calibration techniques for signal analysers, including passive inter-modulation testers. CMI offers a wide range of calibration services for RF power, S-parameters, antenna measurements and field strength. CMI will also bring expertise in characterisation of industrial and other non-metrological connectors and characterisation of passive devices, including measurement uncertainty evaluation.

CMI will be involved in WP4 and will help to establish measurements of high RF power and passive intermodulation (PIM) signals. CMI will be also involved in WP5 to help promote the project on social networks.

Martin Hudlička
Email: mhudlicka@cmi.cz
phone: +420 266 020 174
web: https://www.cmi.cz/orgunit/department/55?language=en