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European manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, telecom operators, and regulators face ever-increasing customer demands in terms of higher data rates and energy consumption. Higher data rates translate to energy consumption as well as higher frequencies for amplifiers, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards (PCBs)… (read more)


Industry is one of the pillars of the European economy – the manufacturing sector in the EU accounts for 2 million enterprises, 33 million jobs and 60 % of productivity growth. Digitising European industry is one of the key strategies of the European Commission (EC) and communications technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5th generation (5G), play a very important role in this… (read more)


The project will concentrate on the issues currently faced by the industry for future communications applications and its overall goal is to evaluate active circuits, PCBs, signal- and power-integrity in FPGAs and PIM and to investigate the effects of different temperatures and humidities corresponding to real-world environmental operating conditions… (read more)

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End-of-Project meeting took place at NPL, UK

Project paper wins the Best Paper award @ 2024 IEEE M&N

4 papers presented at 2024 IEEE Measurement and Networking