The consortium brings together the leading European NMIs in high frequency electrical measurements together with world-leading research institutes and companies in this field. Eight European NMIs and one DI will work with two of the world’s leading telecommunication companies (Nokia and Thales), a GaN RF semiconductor foundry (INEX), three state-of-the-art RF measurement equipment suppliers (Keysight BE, Anritsu and NIBNV), one RF system supplier (Rosenberger), and four world-class academic research institutes (TU Delft, SURREY, UNICAS and FH Aachen).

Of these eight European NMIs, 5 can be considered as well-established NMIs with world-leading capabilities (i.e. METAS, LNE, NPL, PTB and VSL) and 3 can be considered as developing NMIs in this field (CMI, IMBiH and TUBITAK). This is important because it demonstrates how knowledge sharing within this project will automatically benefit these developing NMIs.

National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes

Academic Research Institutes

Industrial Partners