FH Aachen

With more than 15,000 students, almost 2,000 graduates a year, ten faculties, more than 100 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, twelve in-house and five affiliated institutes as well as four competence platforms, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, with its Aachen and Jülich locations, is one of the biggest and most important universities of applied sciences in Germany. Around 240 professors, as well as approximately 900 employees, work here, in teaching, in research, and in administration.

The FH Aachen is one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Germany. The competencies of the scientists of our faculties and institutes are first and foremost in the future topic areas of energy, mobility, and life sciences. Additionally, outstanding experts work in the fields of design, architecture and civil engineering, mechanical engineering, economics, and logistics as well as electrical engineering, information technology, and production engineering at the FH Aachen.

Research at the FH Aachen is innovative, practice-oriented, and interdisciplinary. This also becomes obvious when considering the framework for an interdisciplinary understanding of research and development, adopted in 2011, which is intended to guarantee common standards.

Institut für Mikrowellen- u. Plasmatechnik (IMP)

Many successful research projects have been carried out at the institute of plasma and microwave technology (IMP) over the past 20 years. Among others, every second user of network analyzers now uses the GSOLT method to perform multiport measurements accurately. Many other works have been included in the two books “High Frequency Technology” and “Microwave Technology”.

In general, the two basic technologies microwave plasma technology and mixed frequency (MF) measurement technology were developed and expanded at the IMP.

The MF measurement technology allows the improvement and partly even the development of the following applications: Vectorial PIM measurement technology, sea as well as mountain emergency rescue, cat’s eye2.0, indoor and outdoor localization, automated cash registers, object, and material measurement, and MF-S parameter component measurement technology.

The FH Aachen will contribute its know-how in the areas of network analysis, vectorial mixed-frequency S-parameter measurement, and GHz hardware development, which has been built up over several decades.

Prof. Holger Heuermann
e-mail :  Heuermann@FH-Aachen.de